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Welcome to our digital memory bank dedicated to the countless memories, anecdotes and friendships that we have shared over the past 52 years as a college community. In essence, this is an endless love letter to Whitley. Please enjoy.

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Andrew Woff, 1977-1980

Dear Whitley, Your beloved donut has played an extraordinary role in my life. Whitley was my first “home away from home” from 1977 to 1980 as I completed an honours commerce degree; I was ponded in 1977, was in a College Championship Table Tennis team, and was Treasurer of the Whitley Student Club in 1977-78,... Continue Reading →

Catriona Williams, 1974-1976

College Living: The most fun part of university life A home away from home, We were first in family (to go to uni). Some of us were sponsored by the Education Department (Studentship) & all beneficiaries of the Labour Government's free education. What a golden time in Australia!  

Anne Wood (nee Maguire), 1985-1986

"It really was reassuring to send our children away from home to live at Whitley. It provided them with an immediate home away from home, safely surrounded by people of similar age, interest & ambition, but also a diversity of culture, background & opinions." Read Anne's full speech from our Alumni Picnic Day...

The Twilights, 1966

In 1966 The Twilights perfomed at Whitley College. Students from all the colleges gathered in the courtyard and dining room for a fantastic night of rock and roll.

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