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Welcome to our digital memory bank dedicated to the countless memories, anecdotes and friendships that we have shared over the past 52 years as a college community. In essence, this is an endless love letter to Whitley. Please enjoy.

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Caitlin ‘America’ Culleny, 2007

Dear Whitley, I am so grateful to have had the study abroad experience that changed my life forever. Even a short semester had such a huge impact on my life. Lifetime friendships were made, and even living half-way across the world hasn't squashed them! Facebook was really just getting started when I arrived, and it... Continue Reading →

Asitha ‘Birdman’ Samarawickrama, 2013-2014

Dear Whitley, You made me feel welcome, after I had travelled across oceans to a new country. You introduced me to lifelong friends and Whitley-isms. I had some of the best years of my life with you. Thank you for everything, I will never forget you. I love you.

Alan ‘Godzilla’ Godfrey, 1978-1982

My first room was on the second floor between the fire doors over the entrance and no tutors resided between the fire doors. The section had the name of "stereo lane" at that time since a number of students in this area had stereos and we had a few corridor parties with the fire doors closed to reduce the disturbance outside the party zone. Early in the term a second year student moved from this section to the first floor saying "I'm getting out of this ghetto". For the rest of my time at Whitley this section was known as "The Ghetto".

Shikha Singhvi, 2004

Dear Whitley, thank you for being my home away from home while I studied abroad at the University of Melbourne for a semester in 2004 -- 10,000 miles away from my home in New York. I distinctly remember that I was not homesick for even a minute - the friendliness and camaraderie of everyone in the "donut" made sure of that! Highlights of my time at Whitley include the novel experience of wearing robes for formal dinners twice a week, the Whitley Ball, playing "chick's footie", and most of all - making lifelong friends. Thanks for all of the memories!

Graham Wallis, 1967-1969

Whitley was the setting for many of my fondest memories & some lasting friendships from my Uni days. To mention just a few of the ‘more shareable’ memories: The atmosphere which was created in a small, and quite new, institution provided the opportunity to get to know everyone … even the ‘theologs’. Several carloads heading... Continue Reading →

Rosie Lane, 2013-2014

To the little college on Royal Parade, It was love at first sight. Whenever I’m asked the (inevitable) “So, ah…why Whitley?” I always feel like I should start with a disclaimer: I’m not actually being paid to say this, it just sounds like it. Because truly, Whitley College, there was never anywhere else for me.... Continue Reading →

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