Dear Alumni,

this is a chance to capture your most treasured Whitley memories and create a lasting legacy in written form.

Letters and stories that are submitted using this form will be displayed online as a digital memory bank for all alumni to reminisce and will help inspire the content of the upcoming Whitley Memoir.

From corridor antics and communal meals to sporting glory and academic success – the countless unique moments we have experienced together over the past 52 years are all forged together by a timeless, enduring and unifying bond – the Whitley spirit.

While the opportunity to write missives from within these circular walls may soon be drawing to a close, the Whitley spirit will live on through all of you and the lifelong friendships you have formed.

Please pass on this opportunity to your peers and continue to stay in touch with each other. Together we will cherish not only our rich history but our new horizons as an alumni association.

With love,



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