Ric Clarke, 1969

One Tuesday night I got pinged for throwing a slice of bread at dinner and had to front the SRC to issue a penalty.  John B was president of the SRC and chaired the hearing for which I secured the services of Trevor M (final year law) to represent me.  He pleaded temporary insanity on my part which the hearing was prepared to accept on condition that I not leave my room on every Tuesday to the end of the year.  I sacked my legal advisor and paid a fine instead...


The Twilights, 1966

In 1966 The Twilights perfomed at Whitley College. Students from all the colleges gathered in the courtyard and dining room for a fantastic night of rock and roll.

Graham Wallis, 1967-1969

Whitley was the setting for many of my fondest memories & some lasting friendships from my Uni days. To mention just a few of the ‘more shareable’ memories: The atmosphere which was created in a small, and quite new, institution provided the opportunity to get to know everyone … even the ‘theologs’. Several carloads heading... Continue Reading →

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