"My favourite college meals were always Genevieve’s desserts in SCR meetings. Nothing says ‘Whitley’ like pastoral care and pastries!"

Sir Robert Menzies, 1965

"And here is [Whitley] - it's young...it will grow of course. It may expand into other forms, but I confidently believe that out of all the hundreds and hundreds and ultimately thousands of students who come out this college you will find, or expect to find, very few who have not acknowledged the debt that... Continue Reading →

Briana ‘Bee’ Ellis, 2011-2014

Dear Whitley, you have played such a significant role in my life I don't even know where to begin thanking you. From day one you have made me feel at home and supported my whole family in so many ways. I am so honoured to help make your final months meaningful and can't wait to... Continue Reading →

Welcome Whitleans

Welcome to our digital memory bank dedicated to the countless memories, anecdotes and friendships that we have shared over the past 52 years as a college community. In essence, this is an endless love letter to Whitley. Please enjoy.

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