Lydia Bell, 2015-2017

Dear Whitley, what can I say that can encapsulate my years here? Oh wait, there is nothing. Nothing that can sum up what this place means to me. Thank you for the laughs, tears, friends and memories that will last a lifetime ❤ From my early days in West Wing to my current home in... Continue Reading →


Joseph Ridley, 2004-2006

There's a little college on Royal Parade. It's built like a donut, we're proud to say. We're rough and tough and we love to beat all the other colleges down the street.  We may be small but don't forget We never give up & we haven't yet Whitley, Whitley!

William Stanley, 2011-2014

Dear my dearest little doughnut, I write to you perched on a leather swivel chair, adorned in a crisp white lab coat, doing what I always did when we were together, procrastinate from doing any work. It has been many years since I timidly entered your curved halls for the first time, sheepishly afraid of... Continue Reading →

"I was Sport Rep in 1980 when we won the Women’s Footy and Basketball as well as the Men’s Swimming. One of the freshers commented at the end of the first term they had not seen me without a smile"

Marly Nguyen (2010-2012) & Bree Ellett (2011-2012)

"Our friends had bets placed that it was only a matter of time until we became more than just friends. We of course denied this, stubbornly, feeling quite assured that it was never going to happen and what did any of them know anyway?" Watch Marly & Bree's Alumni Picnic Day Speech here

Caitlin ‘America’ Culleny, 2007

Dear Whitley, I am so grateful to have had the study abroad experience that changed my life forever. Even a short semester had such a huge impact on my life. Lifetime friendships were made, and even living half-way across the world hasn't squashed them! Facebook was really just getting started when I arrived, and it... Continue Reading →

Asitha ‘Birdman’ Samarawickrama, 2013-2014

Dear Whitley, You made me feel welcome, after I had travelled across oceans to a new country. You introduced me to lifelong friends and Whitley-isms. I had some of the best years of my life with you. Thank you for everything, I will never forget you. I love you.

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